Tuesday, 8 July 2014


The dark light of this night is welcoming a stranger on a soil ruled single handedly by a king for years. He can feel someone’s footsteps marching towards his soil. As if there is a soldier who is coming to battle with him. The king would not give his land, this is his place and he has worn the crown for years now, no one can steal it. “Weapons can never kill him until he has his sharp teeth” he decided not to close his eyes or else he will find traces of blood on his skin. To conceal his presence he had decided to hide himself behind his tall green friends, and as the soldier steps ahead, he will catch him and let the blood flow out from his veins. My fellow neighbors could be happy today because I will bring them happiness. But I suspect and wonder will this bring happiness to them as no one will come to see my act. I should kill these ideas for now and figure out how to overcome the approaching danger. Suddenly I sensed that he has stopped and the chewing sound suggests that he is hungry and he is overcoming his hunger. I cannot attack someone whose stomach was empty. Killing him at this time would suggest that I am killing an innocent soul who is weak and feeble.  
He is not a soldier anymore to me; he is empty handed as if his bravery and fervor has been looted on the way. With the help of my green friends I marched close to him. He has observed my movement because his stomach is full now. He might need the liquid now. Just in my neighborhood they need a bottle of coke after eating. He looks here and there as if checking any danger nearby but the danger was already there but he lied down and fell asleep. He is sleeping on my soil, that’s the perfect time to kill him, as backstabbing is common these days. I want no stranger on my land but is it the right time to kill him now, from whom can I consult, these twinkling stars but they are shining pretty well even they would mind his presence near them or may be my green friends but consulting them would be introducing them to a new friend. Everyone needs a friend even the butterflies gives their true colors when they are in groups. The way he slept I think he was roaming here and there to find a safe place but is this safe heaven? It’s the king’s land its hell for him, hasn’t he dug his own grave. I can make my friends happy show them my skills but attacking him now would sound unjustified that would be like killing someone with a weapon when he can be undo by a stone. Let him sleep for now and the street fight will begin tomorrow in the bright day light. For now I need to protect him so that no one else put his eyes on him. My eyes should be focused on him; today I have to act like an owl to be a tiger tomorrow. But if I sleep I am appealing to you O! My mighty green friends to protect him, today he is our guest that will be haunted tomorrow. I plead to you too oh the white light spreading circle; shade your light on him so that he feels no danger at least tonight.
The arrival of the morning is announced by themelodious voices of the sparrows and hens. My eyes turn wide open ready to face the enemy in this atmosphere. But my partner of last night hasn’t woken up yet, though the flies and bees are disturbing him by clipping to his skin. Suddenly he opened an eye and his eyes met mine. He at once stood up in a shock as a soldier who has lost the battle and is now feeling endanger. I made a huge sound perhaps that shocked my green friends as well. “Sometimes even powerful voices have no impact”. My guest’ssafe night is over; it’s time for the battle. But he showed no signs of bravery, his eyes blinking as if he has stepped in on the wrong soil. His search for a safer place has resulted in bombing arena, but he turned his back and walked away, no quarrel why? Have I committed a mistake by allowing him to stay alive all night? I quickly marched towards him, trying to block his way provoking him for a fight but he turned away every time he saw my red blooded eyes. “To kill him at this junction will be like attacking an ongoing train that has realized that it has accidently landed on the enemy’s soil”
The day passed as it usually does but I was thinking about him. Suddenly in these thoughts I fell asleep. The morning light was introduced to me by the disturbing flies. I wanted to eat them but it will just increase my enemies’ list. “Silence is the best medicine for curing someone’s harsh attitude”. Then I stood up and what I saw was like a bolt from the blue my guest of yesterday was sitting on a piece of wood just across me. Has my land being snatched away from me? No no this can’t happen. I moved towards him he seems to be ready for the street fight today so let’s began it then. We both made loud roaring sounds. This disturbed our neighbors and they entered the soil thrice our number. They were six and now the king was surrounded by seven enemies. But within seconds my one night guest ran away and disappeared. Now it’s a six to one fight. They attacked me from all sides. But suddenly my guest returned and attacked them and his bravery forced the new guests to leave the soil and vanish into the thon air. He then sat on the wood staring at me as the new guests have left me wounded. I can sense that in a few minutes I will join up the stars tonight. He marched towards me I was crumbling on the ground; my eyes have turned bloodless now. I was sure of my painful death but my guest did the opposite he touched my skin where there were wounds as if he was treating me. Every time he touched I went one step backwards his teeth’s were weapons enough to haunt me. He moved here and there and then went away. I fell asleep and when my bloodless eyes opened I found food in front of me, I quickly ate it as if it was a gift from God. But then I saw my guest eating the same kind of food, so my guest has brought it for me but why??? This was the only question looming in my head. Everyone should have a guest like him so that one won’t need to dirty his hands ever again.
I was feeling well now but my guest has disappeared. I waited for him till night but he didn’t appear. I was thinking what if my neighbors attack me in this period of time and so rightly they did came back once again. It was midnight and so dark that I couldn’t even count their exact number. But suddenly my ears were cherished by a familiar voice and that made me feel that the enemies would ran away at once. My old guest comes closer to me touched my skin with a gentle touch and placed the food, I ate it with relish and fell asleep. I knew I wasn’t alone someone was there to protect me, my guest, my first enemy and perhaps the future king of this land. Days passed and the same schedule was repeated. The future king came at night like an angel and disappears in the day light therefore I decided to follow him to know where he spent his days. One day I followed him and he stopped at a circled ground where two brave souls were fighting and he jumped into the fight. The fight continued for hours and finally the future king won it, then what prize did he get? Food and with that he marched towards my arena. It was a real fight and what I was planning was imaginary and the truth was revealed I wasn’t the stronger one. That night I realized he won’t steal my land and the first night he might have come here in search of food. This usual practice made us friends, I was alone in this big arena and finally I found a friend. And the days passed when he slept I protect him and when I slept he returned the favor. So we become partner’s two kings of the same arena Hasoly and Mamsie.

So the two kings can only survive and live together if they protect each other and work for mutual benefit. If they won’t they will be killed. One day the fight took a drastic mood when Mamsie got hurt in between the fight. Although Mamsie didn’t fight like he usually use to and let Hasoly grab the food. Hasoly fought like a criminal and harmed Mamsie, he let Hasoly hurt him because Mamsie couldn’t harm his friend. “Sometimes even the idea of harming your dear friend makes your inner soul die” Mamsie went away forever and is yet to return. Hasoley claim that he wasn’t fighting for himself but for the food, so that Mamsie has the best deal. But in fulfilling that wish his claim of being the superior king gunned over his nerves and made him act childlike and the result is loneliness.  I am again alone in this huge jungle now waiting for Mamsie to return. My biggest trouble at present is not that but will my neighbors allow me to live that long but ahead of all this the idea of being alone now in this big jungle is killing me. My old friends the green trees are pissed off by me because I ignored them for Mamsie.

“Sometimes there is little light in the dark shadows but one’s attitude never sees that small light which is entering through the hole can have the ability to make them whole”

(Hasoly is the king of the jungle who protects it from Mamsie the guest and the real king).

(Hasoly is the king of the jungle who protects it from Mamsie the guest and the real king).

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