Monday, 19 August 2013

A Perfect Marriage "Ayesha's Marriage"

“Haan toh aapki marzi” (As u wish) the words appeared on my mobile screen on 16th august as if saying that why always you wanted to be behind the bars? I was talking with the bride of tomorrow and as always I want my point to won the battle. But the words somehow struck my brain and I started thinking what to do, looked at the sky and it appeared as if a thunder was coming. A scintillating girl was inviting me and I was snatching away the music from her grand moment. I exactly don’t know the feeling why I don’t want to go may be just because my other friend wasn't coming, showing some unity which I guess doesn't exit. So the awkward feeling was somehow being crushed up by her words as if she had throne stones on my head. These made me awaken from the deep thoughts, also my friend helped me in curing this awkwardness and I decided to go and hail a flower on her among several other roses. Now I had to go to Munawar Chrowangi but the question that punched me again and again was that where this place is in Karachi?  It sounds bit sore that a boy doesn't know the streets of Karachi. But how can I, I don’t know who this Munawar is and what exceptional thing he did that a street is named after him. Bull shit on my face I am a history student and I am barely aware of this Munawar and the streets. While all these thoughts were mingling in my mind a second thought appeared in my mind that how will I go there as I always knock the wrong door. What to do now, Google earth can help me as it do to the Pirates. But all of a sudden I remembered that Ayesha had done the artistic work behind my notebook. Trust me I would have never find that place if the map wasn't drawn on a piece of paper. She had drawn it in the perfect manner it was share lightness to a dark street. The map shows direction from Nipa to the ultimate distinction.  I would love to show the map again to her in future as every word she had written was crystal clear compare to her earlier writing in my Poetry notes. So that day she had done a better job by showing her real skills. The map runs smoothly from Samama to continental bakery and from the last spot a turn was to be taken, which will open the way to the main lawn. Every minute detail she had provided me from the CNG station to the wide range of Shadi lawns. The final spot was the Paradise lawn. Now I have to wear a perfect kurta for the occasion and struck between black and green. Worn both of them but at last selected the green one.

Now the time had come, I got ready and went to dig this place out. Samama is a known place to me so I reached their quiet easily. Meanwhile in the rickshaw I was trying to divert someone’s mind and entertain someone with my comics as she wasn't able to make it there. I had literally turned into a camera when I said to her that you can see the wedding through my eyes but I was thinking would I be able to reach the place or not. But I had the images one could have so I was satisfied that I would reach their somehow. And my believe was confirmed by the shining lights of the lawns but there were so many lawns I wonder how many people get married in one day. The place was bit scary in between despite the fact that on the other side of the road there were lawns but the place was like in the middle of a sea where one finds no traces of the shore. Off course the shore is the paradise lawn and from that place I developed an idea that this Munawar must be killed here and on his first death anniversary a street was named after him. Don’t blame me for developing such an idea actually this is what most history students do while describing a place. It was like entering a dead street. Finally I find the lawn it was at a few minutes distance from the main chowrangi. For seconds I thought I am in the wrong lane but I trusted my friend’s intelligence and hence find the place. Finally I entered the hall but I was stunt as I have come too early in the event. I fell like Hassan for once you were not coming and now you have come so early that few people are in the hall. But then the green signal came as Ayesha’s sister Sheza came towards me and asked me to sit and then uttered perhaps the most awkward script that Ayesha is coming as if I had come to her home and asking where she is. I don’t know what she might have thought on my rising so early was she excited or I but somehow she uttered the concrete words. Perfect I have come in her wedding and my eyes reflected as if I was searching her. After some time people started to come. One of the difficult tasks for me in this wedding was to snatch pictures merely for my missing friend. In this unknown paradise I was to snap pictures. But someone had expectation from me so I had to do the job anyhow. Meanwhile Ayesha came and trust my eyes she was looking damn pretty in her wedding dress with an everlasting smile on her face; her eyes were shining as she was to meet the star which has the power of shining. Paradise lawn’s beauty was doubled by her presence. But then she entered the room another hard task for me was to enter the room and meet her. Gathered a lot of strength and entered the room and once I was in I wasn't coming out. In fact at one time I was stuck between all the ladies and need to be rescued, and the recue job was upheld by ayesha's friend. She was happy to see me and regretted her words but I guess that brought me there so they were actually quite good to motivate me. I was surrounded by a bunch of women’s in that room and somehow I manage to get out from there before that her nikkah was performed, her elder sister was crying while her mother was so happy and at last she uttered the words which appear to be final stamp for the two stars meeting that day. Outside the room I was again surrounded by girls but this time the girls were not new to me Saira, Shahida Nazish and Nida. Honestly I enjoyed the company of Saira as I am not good with strangers but when you need company God always make sure that a soft and smiling voice is beside you so that one doesn't get bored.

Then the food was served and I don’t want myself to be stuck between the ladies so I asked Shahida to bring the food. Alas the food came but it wasn't brought by Shahida but another S the green signal ayesha’s sister. So she found me again in an awkward position. Hence I concluded that her thoughts for me will always be in a comic way,  on that she asked do you want sweet and I was first looking at her face some awkward feeling Hassan stop it and said no to her . So slowly I found the place amazing as strangers were giving me company, bringing food for me. Then Ayesha’s mother came she was so sweet just like butter, I meet her twice before and became fan of her cooking. I said Assalam u Alaikum she greeted me too. I must say the ladies have a die heart smile from Ayesha’s younger sister as it appeared on the dark hour for me and then her mother missed her elder sister’s. Aunty asked me how am I and when she was going she stretched her hand and I was like aunty no  no please it will spoil your hands plus my hairs too as they were gelled but that hand finally came on my head and that touch give an enormous pleasure, kindness and love which at times I needed the most.Indeed that touch I miss even today. Mothers are always good. Then I clicked the pictures of  Ayesha’s family, it must be awkward that I didn't meet the other star Ayesha’s husband someday I will perhaps.

Finally the occasion came to an end with the lights shut off but the brightness of the two newly wedded stars was enough to enlighten the hall. I had to go now said good bye to Ayesha, her father and mother. I had to thank her sister for the food and all. I think I did but I guess she didn't hear it. But here I can say it Thank You girl. Finally I came out and Saira’s father give me a
lift and the night finally got over with god’s blessing. A perfect night came to an end, I will always remember this night.  I must someday say thanks to Ayesha for inviting me, Saira for the company, Ayesha’s sister for the wonderful treatment. At last her mother for spreading her kind blessings on me. It was perhaps a perfect match of the two stars which I thanked Ayesha for allowing me to saw it.


  1. After meeting Ayesha and reading your blog, it appears to be quite a HASEEN experience!
    and seriously, these are exactly the kind of thoughts which keep popping in our heads while going to some places..... :)
    I can picture you puzzled, finding your way to the hall. :P
    Munawar Chaurangi !!!! LOL :D
    Sheza surely been a saver for you back in the middle of all those strange aunties. ;)
    well.... the amount of details sprinkled with your humour makes me say:
    'OK! I have attended Ayesha's wedding. it was like flipping through her wedding album, compiled by a great friend of hers who had captured all those moments which are to be cherished.'
    indeed a 'perfect marriage' :)

  2. Hassan you never wrote about us means (about our group) as we have a lot of memories since childhood I think. So you should better start working on it.