Saturday, 20 December 2014

Yearning for water

Eyes are opened suddenly as the stiff muscles have rested a lot now. It’s time for a new journey today and the eyes stuck on the trees that are playing football. They came so close to each other but never touched; they lack the Balochi artistic tricks may be. The weather has changed; a new season has arrived. The bench awaits your attention. But as soon as you look up to the sun you find that it has some dark traces on it. And suddenly you look down and find your shirt has prints of a monster’s fingers as if they were cut and are now lying on your shirt, some monster was so hungry today that he has left remains of his crimes on your shirt. As if a human has butchered the purple chicken today. Someone comes near you, and spreads their long wings across you. He climbs on your shoulder, you were afraid but he wasn’t. You share some moments with him but he goes away. The sky is decorated with beautiful colors. The creature returns and marches towards you, his mouth holds a string which was knotted to a colorful kite.
You believed that you had wings and mounted to the ninth sky, but his mouth leaves the string the kite leaves you and went to the air to which it belongs. The creature flew and came back but when he landed, he exploded, the wings seemed to slap you and your face was bombarded left to right. With his beak he attacked your heart and the blood seemed to run through the streets. The air sacs seemed to stop; the kidney was soon going to fail. What’s your heart’s wish now? Are there any heart beats? Does your heart mingle as it mingled all the years? The veins have no strength to force out a decision. Soil awaits your welcome; the mob has started to gather around you as if Caesar has been betrayed again by Brutus. “Life is not all about adventures but everyone presume it to be a play being enacted”
Brutus leaves you by sounding his victory loud and left this one night stand to greet his friends. Your calf muscles have no more strength to stand now and you fall on the ground as a person falls to prayers when all eyes stab him. The joy flashes back on the sky, but there is no sign of God, the red book has been filled up and now the dust needs to be encountered.  A loud sound echoes “Welcome to the firehouse, your seat was booked months ago. A boat with wheels stop near you, your bed has been ready come with us, a sound echoes. Say the last words, people mourn and shed crocodile tears for you. But do you really need them, your wrist watch is out of station now and you can’t repair all these tears now. Your car can’t travel anymore now, the wheels have been punctured to death now and even the Sher Shah market can’t replace the wheels.
The stretcher on the boat will take you to a Police Station where the DIG awaits your presence and no phone call would lessen the brutal punishment. Did you attend the voice message of God which rang daily? Did that voice echo peace in your body? No your body shivered by musician’s melody. Will that peace help now? Does KFC have an offer to supply food underground?  God’s love bells didn’t bring the peace to you and women, charms and power became your sole treasure. The message of God never flashes back in your mind and women always did. You buried the Islamiat book the day you passed the paper with flying colors. But will those colors portray the shades of a perfect painting. Your tub is ready and today the water is red, dropping all over your body. The eyes seem to be closing; the body has relaxed on the world’s best foam. The eyes closed and they will be ripped off your body and given to the blind that can see the beauty of God, mosques and lines of Quran which you never saw.
But the clock has stopped now. The Eagle has killed you and you are lying on the bed now that will take you to your last journey. You made evil your friend and never crossed the road of friendship which awaits your welcome always.

                                    “Life is a timeless creature, live up to its full extent”

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