Saturday, 29 November 2014


The muscles seems to be burning and when it starts to melt it get the right words, have been under the shade of moon a lot of times. Looking at it as if a movie is being played there, the drop has started to build up into the eyes and has become a massive force to drain the entire world in it like Nelofar storm was to kill all the in-human beings. The bones have become a skeleton but the vein is still measuring redness. The lips want to utter something but the teeth’s have become a protective layer bounding the tongue not to move hence any sound could be uttered, so no words.

But suddenly the body is shaken by a force it moves someone has switched on the light, life is still there and the smell of breath enlightens the atmosphere. All the boundaries have been broken, the teeth couldn’t stop the force coming from the vocal tracts and there is a shrilled sound “It’s there it’s there” but in broken pieces. So let the cement be mingled with the water again and a better material should be used this time. So that the building remains there for years and nothing could terrorize it.

But suddenly the building collapsed “Karachi Building Authority is responsible for this loss will be the headline tomorrow” as the muscles became ashes.

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