Wednesday, 11 March 2015

“How to bring peace in Karachi through Arts, Sports and Culture”

  If you are a criminology student, you would love to report Karachi’s criminal stories. The love and hate relationship of gangsters and political clashes. But that’s not the true picture of Karachi. Its true colors lie in the folk music played at Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine, the folk plays enacted at IBA, bike racing on the streets of sea-view and food stalls at Burns Road. These are the true colors which have been killed by the strikes, target killings and terrorist activities.

“Blood can be defeated by the colors of culture only”

Books present the real life of Karachi. But they have traces of blood on them now. Each strike leads to closure of Karachi’s biggest book market Urdu Bazaar. But the spirits can never be defeated, these shopkeepers have opened small shops near footpaths so that the booklovers can never die and so the book. The stalls are set on every Sunday near Regal Chowk and you could find all the treasure there. Be it a strike or any other tragedy the stalls are always set up to entertain the book lovers.

“Book is the real hope to kill criminal minds”

Libraries should be opened all weekends even on strikes so that a peaceful arena is always there for the citizens. Ethnic conflicts over the years in Karachi have increased, clashes over gatherings or religious practices play a party to it. This can be undone by a joint gathering. People from different ethnic backgrounds should gather at Jinnah’s tomb. Hence a feeling of brotherhood and unity is created. Millads and Conferences should be organized collectively. So that non state actors have no part to separate us.

Sports and Arts are the real building blocks. But the terrorist activities have made our grounds barren and arts is only presenting the darker side of Karachi. Painting competitions should be organized and the theme should be Peace. So that the true colors of Karachi are reflected. The barren grounds should be filled again by the participation of public. But such tournaments should be organized which attract the audience. Traditional games should be organized like Malakra besides Horse riding. And our ancient culture should be promoted which is dying.

Karachi has traces of blood on it but that’s not its history. The Sufi music being played at the Urs of Ghazi’s shrine spread the voice all over the sea. The Hindus’s Mantars sang near the Bin Qasim park in a temple has its own beauty. Hence the sea is rejoiced by the two cultures. It’s time that these events should be broadcasted on television rather than criminal’s most wanted shows.  The media should highlight the peaceful facts of our culture rather than killings in the park and life of feudal lords.

Let’s relive the art and life of Karachi unless it would die out behind blood and strike.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

"A British library seeking our attention”

Frere Hall is one of the many remnant buildings that the British has gifted us and still exist in Karachi. In the Days of British Raj, Frere hall serves as the hub of Karachi's socio cultural activities. Imagine a scene of Hollywood movie in which the British are dancing in the middle of the hall. The picture would be exactly the same here.
The building was built in honor of Sir Henry Bartie Edward Frere, who can be imagined as a champion for the Nationalists. As he made sufficient efforts in making Sindhi Language as the official language under his office.

In order to gather attraction to this building different events are organised against the backdrop of this building, like Karachi Eat Festival and Vintage Car Festival. So with my friends I decided to go in the vintage car festival. Every eye was praising the beauty of the cars, its color and engine. The more the prize gets higher there mouth opens a bit more .But its actual beauty hasn't been portrayed by far.Beside the park stands a great architectural wonder hardly the eyes notices it.

In the building exists a library. The first question that came to my mind when I went near this historical building was do the doors get open or not? Ironically an old men tried to enter the library but a guard shouted that "it’s close". Then a shopkeeper nearby told us that it is open for five days from 9 am to 5 pm. While its doors remain shut off on Saturdays and Sundays. So it is unfortunate in gathering a large public on weekends. And I was unfortunate to enter the building. But I have decided one day I will.

On Sundays the hall presents a different outlook. As books are found outside the library. As there was a book bazaar today in the courtyard where it is possible to purchase some old out of print books. I purchased a book by Tariq Ali "The leopard and the fox" which is a play on the politics of 80's. Whose normal prize is Rupees 495 but luckily I got it in just 150 rupees thanks to my friend Shahzaib. 

However the library was on the less attractive side and people were mainly enjoying the event. I wonder how many people would be coming in the library on regular days. Beside these social events I believe more efforts should be made to promote the reading culture and the beauty that lies in the library. And Literature festivals should be arranged in this historical building so that the true picture is presented rather than the social one. If you ever cross the road near the Frere Hall do visit this historical library and enrich your brain with some books.

Photography By : Hassan