Sunday, 16 June 2013


Sometimes prolonged silence give birth to action. Anyone who is silent for the time being doesn’t mean he is weak. Perhaps it is said that one’s mind works faster in a calm environment but whether for right act or wrong is yet to be decided. The effects may sometimes change one’s life. The story of Moiz is a reflection of the above words. His life took a turn and brought roars of cry and sheds of blood.
Moiz lived in a small house along with his parents and two sisters. He had great interest in studies Despite he never went to school but still he had great knowledge as he was always found of reading something.He was a shopkeeper and works so that his family has a better earning. One day the local mafia asked him for some exhortation money which he refused to give. They warned him thrice but he ignores them. So they thought to teach him a lesson. When his shop was closed they broke the locks and smashed everything in the shop. Moiz came to know about it but he avoided taking any sort of action against them. Everyone forced him that he should report in the police station but he didn’t. He said that they are too powerful and the Police Station is just like a second home for them.
Moiz remained silent as his family advised him to reestablish his shop and be calm. Taking their advice he did the same but perhaps the mafia didn’t like it. Few days later a chit was left at his shop and a number was written on it with a tag that “do call on it” otherwise face the consequences. He did it accordingly. On the phone they threaten him that we have heard that you are earning a lot of money. If you would give half of it to us monthly it would be in your betterment if not then you do have a family. Moiz’s fear was reflected soon after the phone was put down. He wasn’t able to sleep for few days. He thought of giving some amount but then again realized the needs of his family. He refused to give them the amount and remained silent. They did threaten him by firing near his shop but it was all normal for him as it is for all of us these days. The glasses in his shop were broken due to these fire crackers but he avoided the situation. His father asked him that he should report against them but he didn’t.
Moiz’s silence and no reaction on all these activities made the mafia frustrated. Now they tried the other way they fired at his home. His family was frightened by all this. So they decided to report against them but Moiz didn’t agree with them. So he didn’t go with his father. The Police rejected to file the FIR as the owner of the shop Moiz was saying nothing on the matter. The mafia now decided to take revenge and they felt that if they didn’t do anything their influence over the area would be affected. One day they made a drastic plan they entered Moiz’s house and did the evil thing. They raped Moiz’s sisters. Moiz heard the news that the mafia members were seen approaching towards his house .So he at once rushed towards the house but it was too late. Now he can only hear the roars of her sisters crying. Moiz was helpless his silence paid him in the negative way. Moiz was shocked and the roars didn’t let him sleep for nights. So he decided to report against them but he was aware of the fact that they would be out of their second home easily. He remained silent for some time. But her sister’s action changed his motives. They committed suicide. This made Moiz sadder and he was blaming himself for all this. He thought if he would have reported against them and shouldn’t have remained silent, things would have been different.

Moiz had made up his mind. A plan had been made to overcome all the silence and a revenge for her sister’s death. He killed the mafia members one by one. Four of them were dead and perhaps a revenge for Moiz was taken now. But this act changed his life and from a shopkeeper he became a criminal. If Moiz had reported in the Police Station against them, the scenario would have been different and his life wouldn’t have changed that much. So don’t be silent against the evil acts and don’t fear Allah is always with you. Be brave and bold in taking such decisions as these can change your life as they did of Moiz.

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