Tuesday, 5 March 2013


It was a bright and sunny day when all my cousins had gathered at my home. We decided to play cricket but we didn’t find it convenient to play in the garden so we went out and started to play along the road side few others and my area friends also joined us. It was a busy street and the vehicles were moving from there. My father gave us the precautionary measures that play safely and we all at once said yes we all but we never took them seriously and we were so much involved in the game that we were anxious to get each other out as quick as possible but who would have imagined that one of us will be out forever.

The vehicles were moving like it was a racing track one of the vehicle had almost hit my cousin but he was safe at last but another corolla car came from the other direction and hit one of my friends and in seconds one of them was on the road. At once we marched towards him and pick him up but the left side of his head was bleeding. We quickly get him in the car and rushed towards the hospital as we want to reach the hospital as soon as possible to provide him first aid. 

In a few minutes we reached a hospital nearby my home and he was shifted to the emergency room. Meanwhile his parents arrived as well and we had completed all the procedures of admitting him to the hospital. After the initial treatment the doctor came out of the emergency room and he informed us that his head is found to be tilted towards the left side it was due to his head had struck the ground and at first we want to take some x-rays of the spine then we will proceed further. We entered the emergency room and helped our friend to try to get on the stature so that he can go to the x-ray room we found that the his head was still bleeding and some traces of it had came on my shirt as well after the x-rays has been taken we shifted him to the emergency room and waited for the x-rays after an hour we went to the Radiology department to pick his x-rays and we brought the x-rays along with a report to the concerned doctor.

 The Doctor reported that his head has permanently tilted towards the left side and in order to cure it we need to do a surgery after permission from his family the surgery was to be performed but at night .We all went to the emergency room and sat beside our friend the time passed slowly and finally the time had come when his surgery was to perform and he was shifted to the ICU and we all were waiting outside the room. The surgery lasted for hours and at the mid night hour the Doctor arrived and said we have conducted the surgery successfully but the patient is under observation and all depends upon his movement and how he responds. Thereafter we arrived in the room and we saw our friend was wearing an oxygen mask and a glucose bottle was also hanged his bed around and there was a ventilator and oxygen cylinder as well in the room but in a few minutes we saw in the monitor that his pulse rate was decreasing and immediately we call the doctor. The doctor gave him an injection but the pulse rate was never increasing and the doctor told us that he had gone in shock and in a few minutes we observed that his pulse rate finally went down, the doctor tried to increase his pulse rate by giving him shock therapy but it was too late to be given and he had passed away.

The Doctor sadly informed us that he is no more now. The news of his death was a bolt from blue for all of us and his family. We all had tears in our eyes as he was a spiritual boy and his family sat beside him as he was to wake up but he wasn’t. I wish we hadn’t played cricket that day on the road but when destiny had decided your fate nothing can be done in this case as you cannot fight against your own destiny.

“A bullet written for you by destiny would come to you and kill you no matter how many walls you built around yourself”  

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