Friday, 1 February 2013


Crime has no restrictions and it is committed from local areas to high security areas. You often would have heard of deliberate killings at streets, hotels, airports and public gathering places but never at a police station of two rivals though often criminals are killed by police officers at Police station but never for a murder plan would the venue be Police Station. But one day it was reported that the renowned mafia Don committed the most daring operation in the history of crime near Chakiwara Police Station beside whom are several resident building situated as well.    
It was reported that Shakeel and Kalo the two mafia kings of their areas grew anxious of each other’s death and they had became enemy of each other though they both belong to the same gang but a conflict among them created walls between both of them as Kalo’s eyes fell upon Shakeel’s sister Zakia and Kalo use to disturb Zakia whenever he find her alone at the house. Shakeel came to know of this and he warned Kalo but it was too late and his eyes were set on Zakia and one day he kidnapped her and when Zakia refused to marry him, he forcefully killed her in anger. Shakeel came to know of this news and he was shock to hear this news before he could take a revenge Kalo was arrested as he handed over himself to police in search of a better place. Kalo was hated by his masters too because of his suspicious activities so his supari [betal nut] was offered and Shakeel was the first to make an attempt for it.
Kalo was locked up in the Chakiwara Police Station and informers of Shakeel kept him informing about the situation of Police Station. One night when there were not more than 3 police officers at the station Shakeel planned to give the last breath to the evil. Shakeel arrived in a taxi at the Police Station at the midnight hour along with two men who were to guard him during the crime. They first tried to convince the guard Policemen that they wanted to deliver the liquor to Kalo but he at once refused then they had no more option then to throw grenades at the gate and thus they enter the lock up area and Shakeel rushed towards the lockup where Kalo was detained he had a hammer in his hand with whom he brooked the lockup kalo thought that someone from his gang has come to break him out of the station but as he saw Shakeel’s face he was scared and his scariness was reduced to pain when Shakeel fired three shots that hit Kalo’s chest and he was dead before he was to hit the ground but Shakeel could not allow Kalo to such a quick painless death he took the hammer again and began to attack Kalo’s head till his skull turned to pulp. All that remained of Kalo’s head was a mash of brain mixed with bits of bone splattered across the cold stone floor of the cell after getting satisfied of getting avenged Shakeel he ran away from the Police Station.  Soon the Police officers arrived at the scene and they all were shocked and rendered motionless. The headcounstable who was present there reported that each time Shakeel raised the hammer he cried out loud and say loudly that why did you do it you were my friend and every time hit him hard. It seemed as though each blow was to ensure that kalo learnt a lesson he would never forget though that the man was long gone beyond to feel any pain.Next morning there was a huge uproar in the area as who would have imagined a convict person would be murdered so brutally inside a prison. For days the residents didn’t allowed their children to go out of the area and there was constant fear among themselves and among the Police officials as well as the murderer was still roaming on the streets but on Shakeel’s side he was running for his life .The gang members were now not ready to be associated with him as the Police was after him as it had put a question mark upon them as well.

However Shakeel was arrested and he narrated the entire story during police investigation and from where he tried to run away and was shoot dead by the encounter specialist. The Police declared it an incident and launched an FIR and several charges of exhortation, kidnappings and killings were entitled as the Police once in a blue moon found a criminal upon whom all the charges are framed. Kalo’s death put a question mark upon the Police officers but it was removed when three stars were put on the shoulders of the officer who encountered Shakeel. Newspapers and residents of the area of Chakiawara reported it to be the most daring operation one would have ever witnessed of in the history of mafia and crime


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