Wednesday, 12 December 2012

NOVEL “THE OLD MEN AND THE SEA” Review from Hassan’s eye

Earnest Hemingway in this novel has explained man’s constant struggle against the forces of nature and his will power to accomplish his mission but one of the tragic extract which has not been viewed lies in the title “The Old man” which refers to old age or aging. Though Earnest himself has not tried to highlight this aspect but surely the reader may point out at it and feel loneliness of the old men who has no one with him and his sadness is revealed when he was in the deep sea trying to accomplish his mission of catching a big fish after eighty four days of bad luck and there the old men realized how lonely he is and began to narrate his loneliness with all those people who are left alone in their old age. The firm grip to his sadness and his feeling is more clearly pointed out when he wishes more than 8 times that I wish “The boy was here” the boy was his partner who normally goes with him but now he was with the lucky skiff. The old man remembers the boy when he need support, salt and most often care and this becomes crystal clear when he made non-human beings his friends the birds, the ducks, flying fish and the big fish the one which he was going to harm.
One can feel that the old man was bit sarcastic as he was talking to himself, with his hands, sometimes with the bird and often with the big fish but it was a trick to overcome his loneliness or may be his belief that someone was always listening to him but there was no one. All these were signs of his loneliness.

The other aspect which is thought provoking is the old man’s lust to kill the fish whom he once called his friend and prove that he was a better fishermen the this in though points out societies injustice that nowadays anyone can kill anyone merely for pride and honor and this injustice is pointed out by the old men when he said Sorry to the fish for coming so far for him and in the end getting nothing as the enemies of old men the sharks proved that they were better from the old men and old men was not anymore the king of sea and he has gotten too old for this job now rather they were the one who were ruling the sea now. The end makes the old man realized that probably he has grown too old and now he is not a good fishermen and sharks has killed him though he put a great fight but in the end he got nothing but just a mere journey !!  

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